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DOCOpack beta now available

Accelerate and standardise contract documentation packages. Suitable for Architects, Landscape Architects and other construction industry practices.

A seriously good architectural plugin

DOCOpack extends Rhino’s existing layout system providing an incredibly efficient, title block drawing management system to accelerate your documentation workflow

It provides efficient tools for managing drawing versions, project and page specific metadata, north arrows, scale bars, detail labels, automated table of contents, drawing categories and batch and individual export capabilities. 

Exported PDF files follow strict naming conventions suitable for construction documentation systems. DOCOpack is underpinned by a flexible, robust templating system. Templates can be modified as required. 

Whether you document solely or partially in Rhino, this tool represents a significant productivity gain in a highly competitive design world.

DOCOpack's unique features

Drawing Revision Management

Manage drawing revision numbers and stamps across contract drawing sets with ease.

Dynamic North Arrow

North arrows can be configured per drawing with ease.

Automated Scalebar Generation

Scalebars are generated automatically and shown where required.

Automated Table Of Contents

Generated on the fly saving your team valuable time.

Efficient Drawing Metadata Management

Edit metadata across multiple layouts with unparalleled efficiency.

Sophisticated Templating System

Title block templates can be modified to suit any practice and are completely configurable.

Managed PDF Exporting

Export the combined pdf package and / or individual pdf files respecting strong file naming conventions.


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DOCOpack that’s the tedium and time out of managing title block information across contract drawing sets. This represents a significant time saver for practices and maintains accuracy across drawing packages.

Yes. A DOCOpack template file is simply a Rhino file with some additional user data describing how the title block elements fit together. The default template that ships with the plugin is fully functional and the simplest approach is to modify the practice logo, fonts and layout. Going a little deeper, the template manager allows you to add new custom layouts, north arrows, stamps, in addition to defining project thesaurus terms. Templates can be adapted to mirror your existing title blocks.

Yes, this can be achieved using the inbuilt template manager tool. If your practice requires assistance migrating existing title block templates, please contact us.

Yes, DOCOpack has been developed in a real-world professional environment and has been used to deliver large scale construction packages.

While there is currently no charge to use DOCOpack we do plan to introduce a subscription charge later to cover maintenance costs. We have not developed a pricing model at this stage however we plan to make it nominal to ensure we can continue to develop and refine the software.

The export functions in DOCOpack use the inbuilt RhinoPDF driver to export layouts to PDF adhering to strict file naming conventions in addition to combined and individual pdf generation. This does not prevent you printing in the standard way using any preferred printer. 

User documentation, guides and tutorials for all DOCOlab software can be found at the documentation site