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DOCOgrade beta now available

Free surface, grading, design and annotation tools

Grading made easy

The DOCOgrade plugin is a set of design tools for efficiently creating, measuring and documenting landscape surfaces. The plugin supports a surface grading workflow that has been designed to support Landscape Architects, Architects & Civil Engineers.

The tool consists of a set of commands for creating accurate grade curves, dynamic grade annotation types (Spot grade, Spot Grade and Point to Point Grade) and a customisable layer structure supporting an efficient and accurate surface generation workflow.

Graded Curve Generation

Draw grade lines in working model to easily determine falls across site, particularly useful for DDA access design elements.

Measuring Tools

Tools to measure grades and elevations. Measure height of any object relative to selected surface or from point to point.

Dynamic Surface Annotations

Add dynamic surface grade annotations including Contour Elevation Labels, Point Elevations, Point Grades and Point to Point Grades. These dynamic annotations are updated along with surface design changes.

Cut & Fill

Quickly determine basic cut and fill analysis.

Surface TIN Generation

Automatically generate surface TIN based on the design curve network.

Customisable Layers & Styles

Layers and annotation styles can be mapped to an existing template file allowing you to maintain consistent naming and styling across projects.

Automated Contour Generation

Contours are automatically generated in 2d and 3d. Contours can optionally contain elevation labels.

Analytical Modes

Display modes to instantly review surface grades for planting, drainage and accessibility.


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Yes. DOCOgrade will always be free and we are planning to share the code base as open source.

Triangulation of curve networks provides the most efficient and reliable way of generating complex & irregular topographic surfaces however the DOCOgrade workflow provides seamless integration of standard Rhino NURBS surfaces into the generated mesh – bringing together the best of both worlds.