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About our plugins

Supercharge your projects and drive out inefficiency

Work smarter, not harder

Our plugins have been developed  to meet the real needs of an emerging Landscape Architecture practice documenting solely in Rhino. Efficiency, accuracy and reliability are key to remaining relevant in a competitive field. We strive to work smarter, not harder.

Updated regularly

Our suite of  Rhino 7 plugins are in active development and updates are released to the package server periodically. We intend to release major versions inline with Rhino releases.

Consultancy services

We are always keen to collaborate and work with your practice to provide functionality or services that make sense. We can also work with you to establish good internal workflows that enhance productivity. Contact us to have a chat.

Document the right way

Our plugins enable the efficient production of professional contract documentation packs. Our templated title block system and drawing package management tools ensure you can produce version tracked documents with ease. Our planting and scheduling tools forefront design, communicate effectively and generate tables and reports for use in Rhino leading to reduced documentation errors and vastly accelerating complex data operations.


We welcome your feedback and are open to suggestions and encourage you to report any issues or ideas to improve the plugins. We collect information about crashing errors that occur and may contact you if we need to determine the cause to work on fixes. Our FAQ should answer most of the common questions.

90 day free trial

All our paid plugins & services come with a 90 day free trial so you can determine their suitability for your production workflows. After the trial period has elapsed, you can choose to continue using the product by purchasing a license however there is no obligation to do this and you will not be pestered to do so.